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What we do to make impact

Over a decade upon the emerging of FUSAAC, we constantly contribute our continuous effort towards Cambodia. With this mission in mind, FUSAAC has thrived to conceptualize and execute numerous youth-oriented education and capacity development projects, ranging from minor to major projects, influencing and inspiring youth throughout the whole country, living by our motto “Together for a Better Cambodia”. 

The Major and Career, known as M&C, is a platform to help students prepare themselves for their future careers. Students are guided to select the right major as well as equipped with knowledge and information on skills needed by their future employers in the job market. The M&C Fair first was founded in 2009 and mainly sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. With the gap year in 2010, M&C continues its success every consecutive year from 2011 until the present with more than 2,500 participants each year. 

Educational Convention 

 Educational Convention Workshop, first conducted in 2013, gathered around 700 participants from high schools and universities. Until the present, Educational Convention increases both in size of the participation and varieties of topics. This workshop discusses current issues covering different themes and topics facing in Cambodia with the audiences of diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Volunteer Training Program 

Volunteer Training Program aims to install our volunteers with professional volunteerism value, in-depth knowledge, and skills of workforce readiness to prepare each individual to become an outstanding young professional.

Provincial Youth
Outreach Program

Provincial Youth Outreach Program is a series of information sharing workshops for high school and university students in different provinces. The workshops cover diverse topics ranging from information about different U.S. government scholarship programs,  and Mock TOEFL tests to the importance of soft skills.

Mentorship Program

FUSAAC’s Mentoring Program is a targeted series of ongoing-interactive sessions with very selective students from different provinces. Founded in 2010, the program was initiated in response to the opportunity gap between provincial and urban students on scholarship opportunities.

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