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Education Convention Preps Students for AEC

Over 300 youths from different schools joined the education-themed event EdCon, which focused on this question: “What is ASEAN Economic Integration?’’

Organized by Fulbright and the Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC), EdCon wants to share knowledge and advise students on how to prepare for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). 

Song Chhapon Mina, Project Leader of EdCon, said, “Other events focus on other things such as business, policy, and research. However, since FUSAAC focuses on education. EdCon will scope in on how the AEC will affect students’ education and their preparation for the workforce.”

As ASEAN Integration approaches, there will be more potential investment and need for human resources in the country. Deth Sok Udom, Dean of Academic Affairs of Zaman Univesity, mentioned skill transfer between local and international human resource as one of the advantages of AEC. 

“When there is more investment, there will be both seniors and ordinary employees from other countries. But local people will be trained, and they can learn from others,’’ he said.

Apart from gaining the skills exchanged, You Sokunpanha, an alumnus of FUSAAC, advised youths to read reports or newspapers and do research to know clearly what the AEC is and how the AEC will affect them. 

“It is very important to now think in a much bigger way. For example, if I am a student, I have to think about potentially seeking jobs not only in Cambodia but maybe in Singapore, in Indonesia, in Brunei, in Myanmar. Open yourself up to the opportunities in the region,” he said.

Among the participants, a student from the Institute of Foreign Languages, Sok Virabot, said she was partly ready for the upcoming AEC. “I have learnt a lot about the field that might be useful for foreign investors, such as education, tourism, and industries, and I was surprised that the speaker focuses more on agriculture. I also learnt that I should go intern in foreign countries if possible.’’

Article by Khmer Times

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